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Himawari Kunogi Cosplay

Himawari Kunogi is Watanuki's love interest and classmate. She has a cheerful attitude and is very friendly around Watanuki and Dōmeki. Despite the fact that Watanuki is very open in showing his feelings and admiration for her, she seems very oblivious to the fact that he likes her. Watanuki always thinks that Dōmeki is more favored. Watanuki often invited her to join him for various outings, but Himawari characteristically has a prior engagement, comically and inadvertently leaving Watanuki with Dōmeki.

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Himawari Kunogi Cosplay Accessory

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Himawari Kunogi Cosplay Shoes

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Himawari Kunogi Cosplay Wig

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Himawari Kunogi Cosplay Costume

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top dress tie
polyester costume

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