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Shinobu Oshino Cosplay

Shinobu is a girl who lives with Meme in the abandoned building. She appears to be an eight-year-old girl, but she was originally a beautiful vampire (the vampire that bit Koyomi, thus turning him into a vampire as well) who had lived for more than 500 years. After the events at the end of Koyomi Vamp, she was left in a weakened condition with no powers or traces of her original personality, and therefore had to abandon her "Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade" name. She was named Shinobu by Meme at the beginning of Hitagi Crab, suggesting her kanji name Shinobu, having "heart" under "blade", matches with her original personality. She doesn't openly talk to anyone until "Karen Bee." Ever since "Tsubasa Cat" where she starts living in Araragi's shadow, she no longer needs to suck his blood on a regular basis in order to stay alive. She forms a physical connection with Araragi where they can feel each other's emotions and senses.

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Shinobu Oshino Cosplay Shoes

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Shinobu Oshino Cosplay Wig

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Shinobu Oshino Cosplay Costume

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