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Daigo Kiryu Cosplay

Daigo Kiryu, who encourages others to call him King, is a wild and gallant 20-year-old man who has the unique quality to be able to charm anyone into becoming his friend. His signature move is the Rock-Splitting Punch. A decade ago, he traveled the world with his father Dantestu before he was left with his father's amber pendant and a handful of money. Though given the option of returning to Japan, Daigo sought to instead follow in his father's footsteps and continue to travel the world. When his journey brought him to a battle against a group of Zorima on an island in the south seas, Daigo received his Gaburivolver from Torin and battles Gabutyra for a month to tame him. Though he succeeds, Daigo is only able to become Kyoryu Red after convincing Gabutyra to let him fight alongside him. Whenever not in combat, Daigo takes random part-time jobs; sometimes as a chef at the Tiger Boy family restaurant. He is soon made the team's leader due to his charisma and is noted to treasure his relationships more than anything else.

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