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Ichigo Amano Cosplay

An optimistic, lively and clumsy 14-year-old middle school student who loves sweets. Her mother ignored her for many years for having no talent. Due to her incredible palate, that allows her to immediately tell what ingredients are used in different sweets and who made the ingredients, she is spotted by Henri Lucas during a Sweets Festival. On his suggestion, she transfers to St. Marie Academy in order to train to become a patissiere like her grandmother. Ichigo is also known for her huge appetite for cakes; she claims there is a second stomach specifically for sweets, and has won several cake-eating contests in the past.Her dream is to create sweets that makes people smile.

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optimistic, lively, clumsy

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Ichigo Amano Cosplay Accessory

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Ichigo Amano Cosplay Shoes

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Ichigo Amano Cosplay Wig

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Ichigo Amano Cosplay Costume

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shirt coat skirt tie
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