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Koto Cosplay

The two hostesses of the Dark Tournament. Koto resembles a cat, while Juri resembles an amphibian. At the end of the manga, the two and Ruka, the nurse of the Dark Tournament, become the "Cult Trio" and become widely popular on human television. Koto and Juri are revealed to have a crush on Toya and Suzuka respectively. Koto is voiced by Ai Orikasa in the Japanese version and Amber Cotton in the English dub, while Juri is voiced by Katsuyo Endou in the Japanese version and Jamie Marchi in the English dub.

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Koto Cosplay Shoes

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Koto Cosplay Wig

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Koto Cosplay Costume

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Arianna  2014-02-05
I absolutely love my Koto cosplay! It's so wonderful and the material is great! I wasn't expecting the white shirt to have such good quality but it's so thick and nice I don't even have to wear an under shirt and i usually do with white cosplay shirts. It was very comfortable and I didn't have to worry about changing or anything the entire time! It looks just like the character and is one of my favorite cosplays for sure! I can't wait to order from you all again :)

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A Yu Yu Hakusho Fan 07-17 15:15
This isn't Koto's outfit at all. I don't know who this is or what show she's from but it's not YYH. This is highly disappointing.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-17 20:25

Hello A Yu Yu Hakusho Fan, thank you for your suggestion! We will corrected it. n_n