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Paradox is a Turbo Duelist who travels across time and space to face Yugi Mutou, Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo.He starts in Yusei's time, stealing Stardust Dragon and turning it into a Malefic monster. Then, he travels back in time to Jaden's time to steal Cyber End Dragon and Rainbow Dragon, but he is intercepted by Jaden and attacks him with Stardust Dragon. In the duel, Paradox plays a Malefic deck made up of Malefic monsters that must have their corresponding original monster cards removed from the game in order to summon them. His deck also has Malefic World, which allows him to have more than one Malefic monster in play at a time and attack as well, and is supported by many trap cards that help the deck show its power.

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Paradox Costumes

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