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Thomas Arclight (IV) Cosplay

Born Thomas Arclight, he is a young man with yellow and red hair and Vetrix's middle child. He is a man of many faces. He acts polite to strangers, tortures and treats his duelist opponents with scorn, but loves his family and feels regret for the people he hurts because of his actions. Quattro wishes to be the sole-taker of revenge on Dr. Faker. In the past, he was responsible for the disqualification of Reginald Kastle by letting him see his "Gravekeepers" deck. In the present, Quattro runs a "Gimmick Puppet" deck. He had 3 "Numbers" monsters in his possession, with his ace formerly being "Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo." Quattro was the object of Reginald's revenge because he hospitalized Rio, Reginald's sister, though this was later revealed to be an accident.

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