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Tenko Kugen Cosplay

Kugen is a fox deity that used to be the Guardian of the Mizuchi family. Kugen was sealed away by a Water Priest because of her mischievous behavior. She was released by Noboru after Toru was targeted by a demon and now serves as their guardian. She can become male or female at any time.She attracts a fair bit of attention because of her blonde hair, blue eyes and fox ears, which have to be covered by a hat when out in public, though she can also hide them completely without a hat (they involuntarily pop out if she gets distracted or excited, though).

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fox deity , blonde hair, blue eyes fox ears,

Tenko Kugen Costumes

Kugen Cosplay Wig from Wagaya no Oinari-sama
Kugen Wig from Wagaya no Oinari sama
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