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1 Sets of Ruko Yokune Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Ruko Yokune Cosplay

Ruko is classified as a dere-dere, or a romantic person. She is also a drowsy a lot of the time. Ruko also has a closet gambling habit. She likes being petted, and reacts like a cat.

Source from Wikipeida

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Ruko Yokune Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Ruko Yokune Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Ruko Yokune Cosplay Costume

US$ 179.88 US$ 97.14
shirt tie pants belt coat sleeves
polyester costume

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pm522455 05-12 14:05
I'm considering on buying this but I would like a review video before I do.. So can you do a review video on this? ^w^ please and thank you~

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 05-13 04:17

Hello pm522455, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

Alexia 10-05 03:53
if im only buying the costume (no wig and shoes), do i still get a 51% discount? thanks! ^w^

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-05 08:31

Hello Alexia, no, you will enjoy the 46% OFF only.  The 51% OFF is available when you buying the full cosplay (including wig, costume & shoes) only.  n_n
Alexia 10-01 03:25
thanks :D when will the costume arrive? i live in Malaysia owo And will the modifications cost money? :) thanks~

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-01 07:51

It depends on how complicated modifications you request.  For general modifications, the cost will be just the same, while the processing time may take 1 extra week.  When you submit the ticket, our tailor will tell you whether they can make it for you or not, and if extra cost is needed.  n_n
Alexia 09-30 03:16
Hi there, is it possible to make modifications to the costume? :3

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 09-30 04:48

Hello Alexia, yes, of course, we accept custom modification requests, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n