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Evie is a magic user who can wield a staff, or a battle scythe. With a staff, she is capable of casting a wide variety of spells, ranging from Ice Spear that can freeze bosses to Healing Corona 
which restores her allies health. Scythe Evie is capable of dealing much more direct physical damage, but gives up much of her spellcasting ability.Evie comes from the east. From her demeanor, it’s likely she was raised in a noble family, but no one knows for sure. When asked, she just smiles and changes the subject. Despite her youth, Evie is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Source from Wikipeida

Evie Costumes

Evie Shoes (B347) from Vindictus
Evie Shoes (B347) from Vindictus
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