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Shizuka Hio Cosplay

Shizuka Hio is the pureblood vampire who bit Zero; even her fellow vampires are uneasy around her and refer to her as the "Madly Blooming Princess". A manservant whom she loved (a former human vampire, falsely classified by the Hunter's Association as Level E) was assigned to be killed by a Kiryu vampire hunter. Enraged and vengeful, she attacked the Kiryu family, killing their parents, bit Zero, turning him into a vampire, and took Zero's twin, Ichiru, in as a devoted servant. She was originally Rido Kuran's fiancee, but they never married due to his disappearance and finally her death.

Source from Wikipeida

pureblood vampire, vengeful, enraged

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Shizuka Hio Cosplay Wig

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Shizuka Hio Cosplay Costume

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