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L-Elf Karlstein Cosplay

A secret agent of the Dorssian military. He is an excellent strategist and his innate ability to calculate possibilities has been referenced to be almost prophetic in nature. His name means L11 in German. L-elf is known by ARUS as the "One Man Army" for having killing almost 5000 soldiers single handedly. He always carries around a photo of the Dorssian Princess Liselotte who had saved his life when he was younger, and apparently holds her dear, with his body visibly crying on reflex when Haruto had possessed his body. He is considered a traitor by Dorssia due to the actions Haruto commits while in control of his body, and is effectively stranded on Module 77. While claiming that he intends to bring about a revolution in Dorssia, he tries to convince Haruto become his ally. While exploring the depths of Module 77 he discovers the other Valvrave mechs, and secretly leads Saki and Haruto to them, while they were also exploring Module 77. In doing so, he calculated that Saki would seek to attempt to pilot one of the Valvraves, which she does. Seeing that she remains unharmed and successfully gets the Valvrave to start up, he is the first to conclude that the secret laboratory under Sakimori Academy wasn't but there by chance, due to the students fulfilling some requirement in order to pilot the Valvraves.

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