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Camus Cosplay

He's the friend of Cecil Aijima and Ranmaru, Ai & Reiji, or at least he knows them. In the Game (it is mumbled) that he will be Cecil's Senior. Taken from the Uta No Prince-Sama Debut Prelude Drama CD. He appears to be two-faced and has a different on or off screen attitude. He calls everyone by their last names. He's very proud about his country and can sparkle when he talks about it. He often gets into arguments with Ranmaru, because of his preaching which Ranmaru isn't inclined to listen to, especially when it isn't about rock. Camus has no intentions to get friendly with people outside of ‘work’ obligations. Camus takes a lot of notes and does a lot of research. He plays the cello.

Source from Wikipeida


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Camus Cosplay Wig

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Camus Cosplay Costume

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