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Shannon Cosplay

Young maid of Kinzo's mansion. Her real name is Sayo. She has a habit of making mistakes and blunders when she is nervous, despite being an extremely talented and hardworking servant. She thinks of Kanon as her younger brother, and like him she feels she is inferior to humans, as she is only furniture. 

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maid, bright, kind, serious, hard working

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Shannon Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

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Shannon Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Tess  2013-07-01
Just got this in the mail today... Let's just say I was more than pleasantly surprised. It's always worrisome to order costumes like this, that have strange unique details to them. Everything was near perfect, the colors are right, the size and lengths are all WONDERFULLY right and exactly how I wanted, it fits, it looks almost exactly like the outfit itself, especially the intricate skirt and apron parts. Just lovely. I can't wait to get fully decked out in this for my Umineko Halloween party next weekend. :) Perfect timing as well. Now I just need to plan out my leg tattoo...

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