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Eva Ushiromiya Cosplay

Kinzo's second child. Under normal circumstances, she would have lost her place in the Ushiromiya family when she married, though she managed to retain her name on the family register when she had her husband Hideyoshi adopted into the family and gave birth to Kinzo's first grandchild, George. Eva is cheerful and mischievous, but also sinister and greedy. She is hostile towards her older brother Krauss, and rallies the other siblings against him in their fight for the family inheritance. She also looks down on Krauss's wife Natsuhi for not being related to the Ushiromiya family by blood. Because she believes George to be the rightful head of the Ushiromiya family, she is cruel towards the servant Shannon, as she suspects her of being his lover.

Source from Wikipeida

cheerful, mischievous, cruel

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