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Battler Ushiromiya Cosplay

The Sorcerer form of Battler, and the new Game Master. After Beatrice dies and Battler is able to face off Erika's nearly perfect mystery theory, Lambdadelta gives him the title of "Endless Sorcerer". Although he still does not believe in magic, much like his sister, he is gifted with very strong magical abilities as well as his own natural magical resistance. He can summon a golden blade of light, the Golden Truth and can call upon Ronove, Virgilia, Gaap, the Stakes of Purgatory, and most of Beatrice's other furniture except for the Siestas and Eiserne Jungefrauen, who are under Erika's control. He seeks to defeat Erika, revive Beatrice, settle down his original game, and end the tragedies on the island.

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natural magical resistance

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