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Ange Ushiromiya Cosplay

Ange Ushiromiya Cosplay

Ange is the six-year-old daughter of Kyrie and Rudolf, as well as Battler's half-sister. She could not come to the island in 1986 due to a sickness. After the events of Banquet of the Golden Witch, she is raised by Eva after she returns alive from Rokkenjima, and studies to become the next family head. However, she is put through many hardships particularly due to Eva's belief that her son George should have been the next head. Before her death in 1998, Eva passes down the name of "Beatrice" to Ange, who becomes the new Endless Witch. Ange attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a building so she can be with her family, but is stopped by the witch Bernkastel, who offers to help Ange solve the mysteries on Rokkenjima. 

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has a habit of saying,

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