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Ashura-ou Cosplay

Ashura-ou is the King of Seresu and a powerful magician who raised Fai D. Flowright after rescuing him from the tower in Valeria. At the start of the series, Ashura-ou is placed in an enchanted sleep by Fai, guarded by Chi.Ashura-ou is the reason why Fai seeks to travel to multiple dimensions and avoids returning to Seresu. It is later revealed that Ashura-ou regularly went on killing sprees among his subjects, and he intended to invoke Fai's curse (which is to kill anyone stronger than himself) to kill him. He had placed a tattoo on Fai to suppress Fai's curse so that it would affect him once, while his own grew with every murder, so he would one day be stronger than Fai. As Fai and his friends return to Seresu, Ashura-ō forces him into fight him to death in order to stop his murders, also engaging in combat the original Syaoran and Kurogane. As he receives a mortal blow from Kurogane, a dying Ashura tells Fai he will manage to escape the sealing from Seresu caused Fai's second curse alongside his friends.

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