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Yukari Yakumo Cosplay

Yukari is an elder yokai who dwells on the border of Gensokyo, and may predate the existence of the realm itself. A good friend of Yuyuko's and an acquaintance of Reimu's. She is the self-appointed stewardess of the seal between Gensokyo and the outside world, but doesn't do a particularly good job of it. Most of the time, she is asleep, leaving all the work to her shikigami Ran and Ran's shikigami Chen. When she isn't, she tends to amuse herself by pulling in unprepared humans from the outside world and stranding them in Gensokyo. 

Source from Wikipeida

self-appointed, asleep

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Yukari Yakumo Cosplay Costume

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Marie  2015-01-25
And it was fantastic, the details were great, it was comfortable and I got a lot of compliments. Thanks for the great cosplay!

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