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Tenshi Hinanai Cosplay

Boss of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. A girl who, through no virtue of her own, ascended to Heaven with her family. Having lived a sheltered life in Heaven, she became selfish and arrogant. Bored with her life in Heaven and envious of yokai creating incidents on earth, she decides to create an incident in Gensokyo by using her powers, along with stealing the Hisou-no-Tsurugi, which has the ability to excrete the disposition of others in the form of a mist, manipulating the weather. Shows masochist tendencies. She is adept at the manipulation of rock and earth: she can throw rocks like a projectile, and raise the earth around or in front of herself.

Source from Wikipeida

selfish, arrogant

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Tenshi Hinanai Cosplay Wig

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Tenshi Hinanai Cosplay Costume

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