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Harutora Tsuchimikado Cosplay

The main protagonist and the son of the branch family of Tsuchimikado clan. Despite being born into a distinguished onmyouji family, he has no magical powers. He had been living a normal and laid back life seeing that he could not accomplish anything without any magical powers. When he was young, he made a promise with Natsume to become her shikigami and protect her. After witnessing the death of Hokuto, he became Natsume's shikigami to keep his promise he made to her many years ago. He seems to have some sort of 'Bad luck' which he considers an ancient curse passed down by his ancestors. He is really weak in studies and is usually tutored by Natsume to avoid being held back a year. Later in the Light Novel the real identity of Harutora is revelead, he's the real reincarnation of Yakou Tsuchimikado. When he and Natsume were born they exchanged their place and send him to the branch family. In the moment he regained his memories of the previous life he injured Natsume killing her, then he perform the resurrection rite and save her but then he leaves.

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