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Zakuro Fujiwara Cosplay

Zakuro Fujiwara is the last of the main Mew Mews introduced and the oldest of the group. As with the others, she first appears at the endangered animal exhibit without being named. Zakuro tends to be a loner and initially refuses to join the other Mew Mews, but changes her mind after they come to her aid. Infused with the DNA of a Gray Wolf, Zakuro has a wolf tail and ears while in her Mew Mew form. Zakuro is a professional model and is presented as a mature character. As her biggest fan Mint effuses, Zakuro has "long, glossy, raven hair" with "dark, intelligent, yet sensitive eyes" and "long, strong and thin legs". Zakuro's background is more developed in the anime adaptation and she is said to be estranged from her family since leaving home two years earlier.

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Zakuro Fujiwara Cosplay Accessory

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Zakuro Fujiwara Cosplay Shoes

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Zakuro Fujiwara Cosplay Wig

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Zakuro Fujiwara Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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Taylor 04-25 22:07
Hello! I was just wondering if you have a preview picture of your Zakuro cosplay from Tokyo Mew Mew? I was interested in buying it, but I do not want to purchase it without first getting to see what it looks like. Thank you!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 04-25 23:12

Hello Taylor, this is our commission series, and we will update the actual product photos as soon as possible.  If you order it, we will send you the actual product photos before ship it to you, and our tailor will adjust it if you don't satisfy with it, so please don't worry about this.  n_n