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Kishu Cosplay

Kishu is the second of the aliens to return to earth. Introduced at the end of the first volume of the manga, Kisshu primarily acts in a playful and carefree manner, seeming to enjoying fighting with the Mew Mews and treating it like a game. Throughout the series, Kisshu develops increasingly stronger feelings for Ichigo, first regarding her as an "interesting toy" (that he would kill for his leader), and obsessing over her. Kisshu eventually kidnaps Ichigo, confesses his love, and then demands that she cry because he loves seeing her being frightened. Kishu again declares his love to Ichigo towards the end of the series, but attacks and begins strangling her while crying when she rejects him again. He eventually releases her after asking how he can make her love him. Kishu is killed after turning against Deep Blue by protecting Ichigo, but is revived with the power of the mew aqua after Deep Blue's defeat. He returns with Pai and Taruto to their planet after wishing Ichigo happiness and stealing one final kiss.

Source from Wikipeida

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