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Nana Astar Deviluke Cosplay

Nana has long hair, a single visible sharp tooth and unlike her sisters, a flat chest, which is used as a recurring gag throughout the manga. She is quite jealous of Momo's chest. She understands and can talk to animals. At some point of the series To Love Ru OVA 5, Nana develops small feelings for Rito, after he saved her from Momo's plant friends. And she manages to get the courage to sleep with Rito in his bedroom while he is sleeping, but actually sees Lala and Momo sleeping with him. Nana is so far the only character to question why so many girls fall in love with Rito, yet it is clear that she has growing feelings for him as well.
Like her sisters, she has a cell phone capable of transporting objects. However, instead of gadgets, Nana summons animals.
In To Love-Ru Darkness, Nana becomes a Sainan High student at Momo's urging. Nana manages to get a new friend named Mea. When she found out Mea was a weapon like Yami and that she wanted to stop "playing" friends, she became depressed and confused. After being encouraged by Rito, Nana met up with Mea again and made up when Nana said she doesn't care if Mea is a weapon or anything, she just want to be with her and be friends.

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