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Lala Satalin Deviluke Cosplay

The female protagonist of To Love-Ru, Lala is the first princess of Deviluke, whose family rules the Galaxy. As such, her hand in marriage is sought from across the Galaxy as she is (presumably) the successor to the Galaxy's throne. A rather childish girl, she is somewhat naïve regarding the culture and customs on Earth. Lala initially runs away from home, as she does not wish to get married to any of her suitors, and due to an accident, ends up naked in Rito's bathtub. Upon arriving on Earth, Lala pretends to love Rito to keep herself from getting married, but really does fall in love with him after she misinterprets a statement that Rito shouts that was meant for Haruna. Although Lala appears to be somewhat airheaded, she is well known on Deviluke for her genius-level intellect and enjoys making all manners of inventions, often prompting some disastrous effect or another. Throughout the series, she frequently tries to get Rito to love her, although her grand gestures generally end up putting Rito and company in embarrassing situations. Although Rito frequently chastises her for causing embarrassing and otherwise troublesome incidents, Lala rarely shows any form of negativity towards him and even states it is impossible for her to hate him. Even after finding out that he was in love with Haruna as well, she instead cheered and stated that they could both marry him.

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Chai  2014-01-26
I'm happy to received the costume before the date I need and the quality is quiet good as I can see you guys worked hard on it :) thanks!~ I would like to order new one at future again.

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