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Also known as Sasha. He is the main protagonist. Tomo literally stumbles over the Russian born Alexander during her home commute with Mafuyu after a particularly difficult school day. After Mafuyu and Tomo nurse him back to health, Alexander wastes no time demonstrating his powers as a Qwaser with the element of Iron as he stalemates and eventually vanquishes the Magnesium Qwaser with such capabilities as forming an enormous black scythe that is at least twice his size along with vibrating the atoms in the iron to generate the immense heat necessary to forge alloys of iron without the need for an external blast furnace. Besides the hostile heretic Qwasers whose neutralization Athos charges him, Alexander is very austere with anyone that decides on her own to refer to him as »Sasha« and has a difficult time adhering to the social mechanics of Japanese society much to Mafuyu's frustration in the early going.

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