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Mashiro Shiina Cosplay

Mashiro is the female protagonist of the story. She is the resident of room 202. She is a world famous artist who transferred into Suiko as a second-year to learn how to draw manga. Although her artworks are widely admired by the world in spite of her young age, she knows nothing other than drawing, and has an extreme lack of common sense and living ability. Due to this, Sorata has been forced to handle Mashiro's living chores, to the point that he even has to pick out underwear for her, or she will go out without them. In the third novel, Mashiro starts to develop feelings for Sorata, and she even claims that she cannot live without him. She has very bad grades, since she cannot pay attention to her classes, but she can still pass the make-up exams by remembering all of the answers with her art talent. According to Mashiro, she plans to live in Sorata's house and work as a manga artist after her graduation.

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