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She is a clone of K''s sister and once worked for NESTS as an assassin. She is eventually assigned to Heidern's mercenary unit for The King of Fighters tournament to investigate NESTS and the mysterious fighter known only as K'.Once she realizes who K' is, she reveals their relation to him and joins him in his objective to destroy the NESTS cartel.After NESTS' downfall, she returns to her duties under Heidern's command. One of her moves depicts her shooting her opponents with a Desert Eagle-like handgun. The firearm is edited from the American release of the games in arcades, but is uncensored in the home release versions.

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enigmatic , quiet individual ,pure , honest

Whip Costumes

Whip Shoes (D075) from The King of Fighters
Whip Shoes (D075) from The King of Fighters
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