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Beast Boy Cosplay

As a young child, Garfield contracts a rare illness called Sakutia but then he is saved by his parents, who use an untested serum on him. This serum has the unintended effect of turning his skin green and hair dark green and granting him the ability to metamorph into any animal of his choice. His parents later died in a boating accident, which, to this day, Garfield believes he could have prevented some how.After he is saved from two kidnappers that beat him and forced him to use his powers to help them in their crimes, Garfield is left under the care of a court-appointed guardian, the despicable Nicholas Galtry, who calls Gar "Craig". As young Gar enters his teens, Galtry realizes that his embezzlement from the estate would be exposed when the lad reaches maturity and takes control of his inheritance, so he plots to kill the youngster. The various villains he hires to kill young Gar are impeded by the Doom Patrol, whose member Rita and her husband, Doom Patrol associate Steve Dayton, eventually expose his embezzling to the courts and adopt Garfield, themselves. In the interim, he allies himself with the superhero team, wearing one of their uniforms (with the addition of a full-head purple mask, bearing a black—and sometimes yellow swath across the middle of the face, to conceal his true identity) and taking the name Beast Boy. In his days with the Doom Patrol, Garfield has a romantic relationship with a girl from his high school named Jillian Jackson. After he saves her from Galtry (who was using the alias "Arsenal"), the relationship somehow dissolved. Beast Boy is deeply affected by the deaths of the Doom Patrol.

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Mark 06-01 21:14
Hello I am interested in the beast boy costume. Is it possible to see the full costume on a mannequin or person? Thanks

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 06-01 22:40

Hello Mark, this is our commission series, and we will update the actual product photos as soon as possible.  If you order it, we will send you the actual product photos before ship it to you, and our tailor will adjust it if you don't satisfy with it, so please don't worry about this.  n_n