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Sawa Okita Cosplay

Sawa is Konatsu's best friend. Apart from being an equestrian with her horse, Sabure, Sawa is also a member of the archery club, and is the first member invited by Konatsu into the latter's new music club. She wishes to become a professional jockey in the future, which often leads her to dispute with her father, who believes it to be simply playing around. To complicate matters, Sawa learns that there is a weight limit for students to take part in the equestrian school thus being unable to move on with her dream, even after her father agrees to support her. Before graduation, she originally wanted to drop out of school to attend an equestrian school abroad. Nonetheless, despite leaving Japan and studying abroad prior to the official graduation ceremony, Sawa was still allowed to graduate from Shirahamazaka High School.

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