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2 Sets of Mochizo Oji Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Mochizo Oji Cosplay

Mochizo is Tamako's childhood friend whose family also runs a mochi shop called Oji-ya or in the new name Ricecake Oh!Zee, a mochi shop located across from Tama-ya. Though their fathers are not on good terms due to business competition, he and Tamako are good friends. He is in love with Tamako, and has been in love with her for a few years. He is shown to be nervous with public speaking, despite telling Tamako to let him take over speaking in the shopping district meeting. His name comes from the fact that he was born on Mochi Day (October 10).

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shy, friendly

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Mochizo Oji Cosplay Wig

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Mochizo Oji Cosplay Costume

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