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Kanonno Earhart Cosplay

Kanonno's appearance is similar to Pasca Kanonno from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. She is young fifteen year old girl with pink hair set into a pony tail on the left side. She wears a sailor type outfit, with black stockings, white boots, and wears long white gloves with a wrist band with the image of Mormo on her left arm. A small hobby she had when she was younger was writing short stories and enjoyed drawing pictures. She is a strong believer in the legend of the Descender. Kanonno's relationship with the Protagonist can be different: if the Protagonist is a male, Kanonno will harbor feelings for him as the story progress, whereas if the Protagonist is a female, Kanonno will develop a sisterly relationship with her.

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writing short stories and enjoyed drawing pictures

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