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3 Sets of Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Marta Lualdi Cosplay

Marta Lualdi  is the daughter of Brute as well as a former member of the Vanguard. She lost her mother during the Great Kharlan Tree's rampage in Palmacosta. A bit of a tomboy, Marta is passionate about getting her way. On the left side of her forehead lies the Ratatosk Core, which is later revealed to be a fake core that Ratatosk placed on her to draw attention away from himself and towards Marta. Emil becomes a Ratatosk knight in order to protect her and the Ratatosk Core. She views him as effeminate, but believes he possesses a hidden strength. 

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Marta Lualdi Cosplay Wig

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Marta Lualdi Cosplay Costume

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lauren 04-23 15:00
hi am just wondering if the cosplay would cost me any postage and how much would it cost me? am from united kingdom England Liverpool also can you pay through paypal ? regards lauren

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 04-23 21:18

Hello lauren, we include free shipping (Standard Shipping, 20-30 days shipping time) worldwide, except Vietnam.   n_n
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