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Kratos Aurion Cosplay

Kratos is displayed as a cold and heartless mercenary in the game, though is also an expert in swordsmanship, a fact that makes Lloyd angry. The only thing he has in mind at the beginning of the game is to protect Colette, as that is what he is assigned to do. However, as the journey progresses, Kratos begins to open up a little, giving hints about a past where he made a terrible mistake.

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cold, heartless mercenary

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Kratos Aurion Cosplay Wig

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Kratos Aurion Cosplay Costume

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Alexander  2013-11-19
Your cosplay costumes are awesome. The costume fits me perfectly, and also stays nice all the day as I'm walking around with it on conventions. The sword i have with me on the picture is made by my own, bus this is one of best pictures i have of my own. The caracter i'm cosplaying is Kratos Aurion of Tales of Symphonia. Convention: Nishicon 2013 in The Netherlands.

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