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Genis Sage Cosplay

Genis Sage Cosplay

Genis Sage is a child prodigy and the younger brother of Raine Sage. He is friendly, but due to his high intelligence he is often sarcastic and arrogant. The Sages are both half-elves, but they pass themselves off as full-blooded elves to avoid discrimination. Unlike Raine, Genis is a superb cook. Genis has a crush on Presea and stutters when speaking to her. Genis has expressed a hatred for humans as they discriminate against his kind, but despite this remembers that his friends are themselves human.Because Genis attempted to help Marble, a Desian captive, Iselia is attacked and Lloyd is exiled; Genis comes along with Lloyd because he knows he was partly responsible. 

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friendly, high intelligence, arrogant, sarcastic

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