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Colette Brunel Cosplay

Colette Brunel is the Chosen of Mana of Sylvarant; also known as the Chosen of Regeneration, the one who will bring peace and prosperity to the world. She was brought up with the knowledge that she would need to die to save the world, and, from that, has gained a truly selfless nature. As the party travels to the seals, Colette gains more angelic powers, but loses her humanity. The final seal removes her personality and leaves her as a lifeless shell. After learning that their journey is all a ruse by Cruxis to revive Martel, the party flee to Tethe'alla to find a cure for Colette. They learn that Colette's condition and angelic powers are caused by her Cruxis Crystal, an advanced evolution of the Exsphere, and cure her by attaching a Key Crest to control the Cruxis Crystal. As the party continues on their journey, Colette becomes inflicted with Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium, a disease that turns the body into a Cruxis Crystal. The party then searches for the materials needed to adjust Colette's Key Crest in order to cure her. In the sequel, Dawn of the New World, Colette begins searching for Lloyd after the Blood Purge.[Wii 3] Her Japanese voice actress is Nana Mizuki and her English voice actress is Heather Hogan.

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