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Hubert Ozwell Cosplay

He strikes as an arrogant young man that doesn´t hold back any words. But he is actually really kind. His serious personality is due to him being raised by the Ozwell family after his father separated him from Asbel. When he was a kid he was forced to follow Asbel into doing things that would eventually make both of them get in trouble, and after an incident where an important person died, they blamed Asbel and thought it would be best for Hubert to be far from him, as Asbel was a bad influence. Ever since then Hubert has looked down on Asbel.

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Hubert Ozwell Cosplay Accessory

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Hubert Ozwell Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Hubert Ozwell Cosplay Wig

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Hubert Ozwell Cosplay Costume

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inner top coat pant
polyester costume

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Michael  2014-04-08
My brother and I went as Hubert and Richard from the "Tales" series last year. I was skeptical at first of getting the costume from the site only because I couldn't believe how affordable the prices were, but was very impressed with the quality and durability of the outfit. It was able to withstand normal wear and was perfectly fine after running it through the washer and dryer. After my experience, I always plan on making Cosplay For You my first stop when getting ready for conventions. Worn at Connecticon 2013 Hubert - Wig and Costume from Cosplayfu Richard - Wig, Costume and Boots from Cosplayfu

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