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Maria Cadenzavna Eve Cosplay

An energetic singer who reached the top of the American music charts about 2 months after her debut. Although it has a mysterious quality, her vigorous singing voice has crossed over international borders and garnered a large number of wild and enthusiastic fans throughout the world. To bring forth justice, she has risen as an enemy against all of humanity, clad in a Gungnir Symphogear that is outside of the Japanese government’s control. Her weapon is the Black Gungnir, a spear similar in form to Kanade's but with different features including a powerful cannon mode, and her theme color is black. Maria initially claims to be the newest reincarnation of Finé, but this is eventually revealed to be a ruse. Like Kanade, Maria is reliant on LiNKER to maintain synchronization with her Symphogear, giving her a time limit in battle and causing her superb song to be potentially fatal.

Source from Wikipeida

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