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The Warden Cosplay

The Warden (David Wain) – the proprietor of Superjail. A tall and thin man clad in a purple tailcoat and top hat, gloves, red cummerbund, and yellow-tinted glasses, the Warden has been described as a "sadistic Willy Wonka".[9] Although he possesses an ever-cheerful and optimistic demeanor, he is a severely warped individual due to his upbringing by a cruel and strict father who was the previous warden. As a result, the Warden devised Superjail as a means for expressing himself and regularly endangers the lives of Superjail prisoners and staff, often intentionally, to satisfy some unusual whim. Rather than handling any actual administrative tasks, he spends most of his time lusting after chief guard Alice or indulging his own bizarre fantasies. In one episode depicting an alternate future, the Warden ruthlessly subjugates the entire human race, turning the whole world into a single prison state. The Warden also has the ability to break the laws of reality as he can transform himself into practically anything and can contort his body in unnatural ways. 

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