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Hampnie Hambart Cosplay

Also known as "The Man-Eating Toy" , he is a strange albino man who suddenly appears in Ai's village one day. Upon arrival, he proceeds to "kill" everyone in the village, or at least immobilize them. Hampnie's goal in traveling is to find a woman named Hana. He became immortal fifteen years ago when God abandoned the world, and can regenerate after being injured. Although he has a cold personality, he is kind on the inside, and only uses his gun on self-defense, or to destroy the bodies of those who already died, as according to him, the dead has no place among the living. His wish was to die happily beside his family, and it is realized when he learns that Ai is his daughter with Hana. After awakening as an undead, Hampnie is buried by Ai beside Hana's grave by his request.

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