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Hibiki Hojo Cosplay

Hibiki is a 14-year-old student in the second year, class A of Private Aria Academy junior high. She has a bright personality, excels at sports and is a free assistant in all sport clubs, but isn't very good at schoolwork. Although her father is a genius music teacher, and her mother is a famous violist, Hibiki thinks she has no musical talent even though she has absolute pitch, and is able to identify music notes perfectly. She played piano as a kid, but stopped for a while when she felt she let her father down after a performance. Later, Kanade is able to convince her to start up again. After her mother inspires her, she develops a new dream of becoming a famous pianist and playing with her parents on the world stage.

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Hibiki Hojo Cosplay Accessory

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Hibiki Hojo Cosplay Shoes

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Hibiki Hojo Cosplay Wig

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Hibiki Hojo Cosplay Costume

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