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Lymle Lemuri Phi Cosplay

Lymle is a young girl who lives in the village of Triom on the planet Lemuris, she lost her parents at a young age and has since been raised by her grandfather, Ghimdo, the village chief. She has had the ability to use Symbology from birth. She is a spoiled child who is often mischievous. She ends most of her sentences with "kay?" Due to an incident when she was younger, she has closed the world out and behaves younger than her age. She took an immediate dislike to Faize when they first met on Lemuris due to his first impression of her. Lymle's weapon is a wand and her symbology is centered around fire, wind and thunder. She can summon a demon beast known as Cerberus, who she affectionately calls "doggie".

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