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Cure Peace Cosplay

Miyuki's classmate, a girl in the school's comic club who aspires to be a manga artist. Though timid on the outside, shy about her work and sometimes prone to crying, Yayoi is very loyal, diligent, and headstrong when it comes to things and people she cares about. She's a big fan of superheroes and becomes really excited when something hero-like is brought up. Her potential as a Precureawakened when she stood up to Akaoni to protect both her classmates and her pride as an artist. As Cure Peace, her blonde hair brightens and is tied into a wide ponytail, and her theme color is yellow. She can manipulate electricity in this form and can shock everyone nearby.

Source from Wikipeida

loyal, diligent, headstrong

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Cure Peace Cosplay Shoes

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Cure Peace Cosplay Wig

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Cure Peace Cosplay Costume

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