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Cure March Cosplay

Miyuki's classmate and a member of the school's soccer team. Nao is straightforward and reliable with a strong sense of justice, though she gets very frustrated when things don't go her way. She takes on a motherly role due to being the eldest child in a big family, and has little interest in girly pursuits. Despite her general confidence, she is very scared of certain things such as bugs, ghosts and heights. Her potential as a Pretty Cure awakened while protecting her siblings from harm by an Akanbe. As Cure March, her dark green hair tints to a mint shade and grows longer before gaining two extra ponytails, and her theme color is green. She can manipulate wind in this form and gains super speed.

Source from Wikipeida

justice, straightforward, reliable, confident

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Cure March Cosplay Shoes

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Cure March Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Cure March Cosplay Costume

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shirt out top skirt stockings
polyester costume

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