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Akane Hino Cosplay

Miyuki's classmate and a member of the school's volleyball team. She is from Osaka, having moved to Nanairogaoka before junior high school, and thus speaks in a Kansai dialect. Her family runs an okonomiyaki shop named after her, which she often helps out with. Akane may be a jokester, but when she has a goal set, she can be very passionate about achieving it. She has a fear for heights and would freak out when she looks down. Her potential as a Precure awakened when she wanted to pay back Miyuki for her help and protect her. As Cure Sunny, her dark red hair brightens to orange and grows longer before tying into a bun, and her theme color is orange. She can manipulate fire in this form and gains super strength.

Source from Wikipeida


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