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Kyoko Mogami Cosplay

Kyoko Mogami is the main protagonist of the Skip  Beat! series. At the start of the series, she was a sweet, hard working 16 year old who lives to help others, especially her "prince", Sho. Kyoko used to put herself secondary to all of Sho's needs, enduring all of his bad moods and always trying to cheer him up. At one point, she goes to his workplace to deliver hamburgers from one of her jobs to surprise him. Since he has seemed stressed. There she overhears him admitting he had only brought her along so she could cook and clean for him.
This allows angry and vengeful spirits to escape her "Pandora's Box". She vows to get revenge and Sho says that the only way to do that is to go into showbiz, and thus joins Sho's rivaling agency LME with only one goal in mind: Revenge!

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