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Aki Mikage Cosplay

Aki is a first year who is also a member of the Equestrian Club and Yugo's love interest. As the only child of her family, she entered Yezo to study so that she would inherit her family business, a cow and horse farm specializing in raising Ban'ei race horses. Aki usually has a cheerful and positive attitude and she eventually develops feelings for Yugo. Her father is very protective and is wary of her relationship with Yugo at first, but after some time starts seeing him as a man worthy of becoming her husband, just like the rest of her family. Later her family experiences financial difficulties and is forced to sell all their horses to make ends meet. After this event Aki confesses her true desires for the future, and encouraged by Yugo, expresses her will to not inherit the farm and work with horses professionally instead. Thus she starts studying to enter college with Yugo as her personal tutor. A curious trait of Aki's is that she is so enthusiastic about horses that she can easily memorize every fact related to them, thus Yugo makes use of it to help with her studies.

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