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Lisianthus Cosplay

Lisianthus is the daughter of the King of Gods and came to the human world as a possible marriage candidate for Rin. She possess a very boastful and energetic personality and holds great optimism. Though poorly skilled at academics, she has excellent cooking skills. Her magical capability is poor, but she makes up for it with brute force by hitting people with objects ranging from chairs to tables. Lisianthus has two personalities because when she was in her mother's womb, her twin sister Kikyou couldn't survive. Sia decided to save Kikyou by putting her soul inside of her own.

Source from Wikipeida

daughter, Rin, excellent cooking skills

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Lisianthus Cosplay Accessory

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silk stockings

Lisianthus Cosplay Shoes

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Lisianthus Cosplay Wig

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Lisianthus Cosplay Costume

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skirt top bow knot hat
polyester costume

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