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Megumi Shimizu Cosplay

A 15 year old girl attending the same school as Natsuno, Megumi also hates living in the village and longs for city life. She has a one-sided crush on Natsuno and often daydreams of a relationship with him. Megumi encounters the Kirishiki family in the beginning of the series, and disappears without a trace until the residents find her lying in the middle of the forest. She is thought to die from a complicated case of anemia and is later revived as a okiagari/vampire.After she was revived, she became much more malicious, using her new powers to stalk Natsuno and target any friends of his (and old ones of hers). In the final episode, she is run over by tractors and is finally staked in the heart.

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Megumi Shimizu Costumes

Megumi Wig from Shiki
Megumi Wig from Shiki
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