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Kurimu Sakurano Cosplay

Kurimu is a senior in Hekiyou Academy, and is the president of the student council. Her blood type is A, she has an extreme sweet tooth, and has a pink/reddish hair. Her nickname is Aka-chan , which was given to her by Chizuru; She added an extra character to her first name, and changed it to Kurimuzon  and translated to Japanese becomes Aka . Her nickname can also mean Aka-chan . This is often used as a joke against her in the series, poking fun of her childish size and looks, despite being a senior. However, acting childish around Chizuru does not seem to bother her. She is well-liked by most of the other students. 

Source from Wikipeida

senior, president , pink/reddish hair

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Kurimu Sakurano Cosplay Accessory

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Kurimu Sakurano Cosplay Shoes

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Kurimu Sakurano Cosplay Wig

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Kurimu Sakurano Cosplay Costume

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